Towns of Ikaria

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  1. Kampos [ Inoi ] – The ancient capital of the island, which took its name for the vineyards of the area and the excellent local wine. [ Oinos means wine in Greek ], was in northern central Ikaria. The visitor may admire the ruined walls of the ancient town and surviving parts of the Byzantine building.
  2. Agios Kyrikos – Chora is the largest and main harbour of the island. In antiquity , within a short distance was the ancient city of Thermai with the famous radioactive therapeutic hot mineral springs. Walk along the bobbled little streets of the old town and admire the impressive neoclassical buildings – the nearly arranged houses with the lovely yards. Visit the church of Agios Kyrikos, founded by mariners. Learn the history of the place within the help of the exhibits at the Archaeological museum and the folklore-historical museum of the island.more Towns Of Ikaria..
  3. Evdilos – The second largest harbour to the north of the island, whose name means something easily discemible in the horizon.  Evdilos is built amphitheatrically on the coast and is full of old noble houses as well as traditional and modern buildings. While you walk along the little streets, you can understand the aestheticism of the islands. The settlement has been declared as traditional. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine and the wine of the island in the lovely beach. Evdilos serves as a base for expeditions to distant spots of the island.
  4. Gialiskari – To the north of the island near the picturesque Armenistis. A coastal village with tourist facilities, sandy beach and clear waters.
  5. Christos Rachon – [ Raches ] The wider area of Raches, to the NW of the island, is famous for its natural beauty. The settlement is built amphitheatrically in the mountain and has been declared as traditional. The people in the village maintain the tradition of keeping their shops open from dusk to dawn.
  6. Karkinagri – The scenic fishing village lies to the south of the island, near Faros Papas in an area with unusual granite formations. It is connected by boat with Agios Kyrikos. Enjoy the magnificent sandy breach with the crystal clear waters. The village has accommodation facilities, taverns and restaurants.
  7. Armenistis / Nas Beach  – Nas was an ancient town to the NW, home of the Nymphs Naiads, with a sanctuary dedicated to Tavropolos Artemis. The waterfront and the floor of the sanctuary have survived. The area is widely know as a place of alternative tourism in a verdant and tranquil setting. Nas, has a unique beach. Armenistis is a coastal village with lots of tourists, tourist facilities and tavernas.  It has a beautiful beach and was developed mainly thanks to it’s proximity to the lovely beach of Nas.
  8. Drakano [ Fanari ] – Ancient town in the beautiful location, to the east of the island,. It is Also considered the hometown of  God Dionysos. Ruins of the ancient castle have survived, as it happens with the circular Drakanos Tower, almost ten meters high, built in the 4th century BC. The tower was one of the seven towers – lookouts of Ikaria and has been declared a historical monument, while together with the towers of Andros and Naxos, are among the tallest in the entire Aegean.

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