*Feature – Stou Paschalia

“Stou Paschalia”, Kampos Ikaria.
By Athens, Voice

The traditional “Taverna – Kafeneion” of Kampos is called “Stou Paschalia”. It first opened in 1910 and has been passed from generation to generation. It is currently operated by Zacharias Paschalias. [ just call him Zack ]

The establishment is more than just a place to enjoy the finest Greek traditional food but it’s also considered the communication centre of Kampos Ikaria. Postal services are delivered there and locals flock to pick up mail, buy bread, fresh eggs etc.


All fruit & vegetables are hand picked daily from their gardens and all meat directly from their very own farm. Zack & his mother Rica.

 Outdoor Patio to enjoy lunch or dinner.



The past few years we have been frequenting the local Taverna and noticed that there is no consistent menu. The food which is served greatly depends on the time of year and which fresh products have been picked from their gardens.

All foods are prepared with local olive oil, the wine is from their very own vineyards and all the recipes have been tested through time.

The service this establishment provides is quite unique. They always provide the finest quality in food and service but on their terms. In the western world we are made to believe that prompt service with a smile and very important and we focus less on the healthy food we serve. At this Taverna, “Stou Paschalia” they are friendly but their focus is not on the paper wrapping, they will suggest only the finest, healthiest food which is “daily fresh”. Another unique point is they don’t push you to sell more when it comes to food or drink.


During the summer “high season” [which is July & August] at roughly 9 pm the fresh souvlaki sticks are prepared and they melt in your mouth. The pork souvlaki sticks are served with perfect seasoning which is fresh olive oil, oregano and just a touch of salt. We did not ask if they include anything else, it’s their very own recipe.



The mother “Rica”  visits the kitchen daily to see how the children and the kitchen staff are working and she tells them stories as they prepare the daily menu. At times it seems as though she is the mother of the whole town. She is admired and treasured for she knows many secrets that she has passed on to her children.

If you visit “Stou Paschalia” you don’t have to ask for the owner, everyone working there will serve and suggest finest.