Historical Ikaria

Here are some quick facts on Historical Ikaria:

  1. Kampos Archaeological Museum – The museum includes Neolithic findings from most of the northern part of the island. The exhibits are impressive and you can visit it following an arrangement with the Curator of the Museum.
  2. Vrakades Folklore Museum – In Vrakades , to the NW of the island, you can find the namesake Folklore Museum, which houses collections of remarkable examples of the tradition of Ikaria, objects and tools of the island. There is also a rich archive of newspapers and official documents of the past, related to the revolution of Ikaria and the liberation of the island. You can also find the traditional family books, the so-called “manes” which every family used to keep carefully and entered all the changes happening in the family.
  3. Koskina Castle – The Koskina Castle emerges at the centre of the island, in Mount Kefaia. It is a Byzantine stronghold that according to legend, was unconquerable. It is also known as Nikaria Castle. Inside the enclosure you can visit the church of Agios Georgios Dorganas. Follow it’s path in order to reach the Castle.
  4. Mounte Monastery – The monastery is dedicated to the Annunciation and is built in the mountain, to the NW of the island. The spot and the view are stunning. The monastery holds a great celebration on March 25th and on the pan-Ikarian pilgrimage of Aug. 15th.

We hope you enjoyed our quick facts on Historical Ikaria.
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